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Toys for Old-boy

Needs some extra immersion to take your gaming to the next level?

Are you into flight sims or racing sims?
Then you probably want one of these awesome gaming simulators.

5 awesome gaming tech that every gamer wants.

1. Fasetech Racing Cube http://www.fasetech.com
2. Eleetus http://www.eleetus.com
3. Vesaro V-Spec Motion http://www.vesaro.com
4. CXC Motion Pro II http://www.cxcsimulations.com
5. Motion-sim 4DOF http://www.motion-sim.cz http://www.hi-speed.es

A motion simulator or motion platform is a mechanism that encapsulates occupants and creates the effect/feelings of being in a moving vehicle. A motion simulator can also be called a motion base, motion chassis or a motion seat. The movement is synchronous with visual display and is designed to add a tactile element to video gaming, simulation, and virtual reality. When motion is applied and synchronized to audio and video signals, the result is a combination of sight, sound, and touch