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You will love “The Future Perfect”

The Future Perfect, founded in 2003 by David Alhadeff, is is one of the world’s foremost contemporary design galleries. From its inception, The Future Perfect has been distinguished by its thoroughly creative vision and strong curatorial focus, which showcases studio-created works alongside one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces.

In its 15-year history, the gallery, as its name implies, has introduced some of the seminal design talents of our times, including highly-collectible works by Lindsey Adelman, Jason Miller, and Kristin Victoria Baron. Considered a catalyst as well as an industry authority, The Future Perfect has also forged relationships with some of the world’s most influential artists, designers and craftspeople. A focus on dynamic programming and cross-pollination has produced enduring collaborations with celebrated international design studios including Piet Hein Eek, DimoreStudio and Michael Anastassiades.

Today, The Future Perfect’s prestigious gallery program is tailored to its unique locations in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Each space offers a highly customized environment that includes exclusive exhibitions from cutting edge contemporary artists such as John Hogan, Christopher Stuart, Chris Wolston and Eric Roinestad. Casa Perfect, The Future Perfect’s Los Angeles home, is located in a modern Hollywood residence, where guests experience an eclectic mix of contemporary production and gallery pieces together under one roof.

전시 | 자연과 현대인의 삶

한미사진미술관은 한국사진 다음 세대의 지속적인 후원자 및 중추적 조력자가 되자는 취지 아래 30~40대 한국 작가들의 포트폴리오를 공개적으로 접수하고, 2015년부터 젊은 작가 기획전을 마련해 왔다. 올해는 지난 3년간 전시를 통해 이미 소개된 바 있는 작가들과 새롭게 포트폴리오로 선별한 한국작가 5인을 북유럽 사진가들과 함께 하나의 주제로 교류의 장을 마련했다. 처하고 경험하는 환경이 상이한 작가들이지만 이로 인해 교차되는 시선이 어떤 감성을 불러낼지 기대된다.

참여작가 ┃ 박형렬, 박형근, 원성원, 이혁준, 장태원
PERIOD ┃2018년 6월 9일~8월 18일 (10주)
VENUE ┃ 한미사진미술관 전관 제 1, 2 & 3 전시실
OPENING RECEPTION ┃ 2018년 6월 9일 토요일 오후 5시 한미사진미술관 20층 라운지

나의 아저씨가 핫했던 이유

TVN에서 5월 16일 종영된 “나의 아저씨”가 인기 몰이를 한 이유는 많다.

각 배역에 맞는 연기자의 선정. 작가와 연출자의 호흡. 기타 등등등이다.

“나의 아저씨”의 또 다른 인기는 각 장면의 빠른 전개에 있었다.

많은 에피소드를 바탕으로 빠른 호흡은 인기 몰이 드라마의 가장 중요한 요소다.

A purple driver’s dream from Finland

Good drivers are hard to find – and even harder to keep hold of. Finnish haulier Miks Auvinen has his own successful model for staff retention: his 460 kW Actros 2663 “Lowrider” show truck. He has converted his Actros 2663 semitrailer with two silo trailers into a unique driver’s dream in conjunction with his professional driver Arto Simola, who has been driving for the family-run company Kuljetus Auvinen for three years. The company is based in Helsinki and specialises in silo transportation. Over 6000 hours of work have gone into creating the “Lowrider”. The cockpit is dominated by purple velvet and smooth white leather.

Managing director Mika Auvinen is known throughout Finland and beyond for his passion for show trucks. The Actros “Lowrider” has received no fewer than seven awards in Finland and Sweden to date.

From the initial concept of the “Lowrider” to the first test drive took almost a year. The cost of the materials required to create the purple driving dream came in at around 450,000 euros. But for Arto Simola, the real value lies in the privilege of having probably one of the most unusual workplaces in the world.