Enzo Ferrari’s vision and boyhood dreams revealed in a uniquely thrilling story that brilliantly encapsulated the passion, attention-to-detail and flair that produced the Maranello marque’s inimitable style. The Rosso 70 show was the high point of the first day of Ferrari’s 70th Anniversary celebrations at the Fiorano circuit, captivating the 4,000-plus guests who were completely undeterred by the wet weather.

Chairman Sergio Marchionne got the evening underway by welcoming his guests, who had come from all over the globe, before handing over to the cadets of Modena’s Military Academy for the raising of flag followed by the Italian national anthem. The audience was then whisked off on an exhilarating voyage of discovery of the life and vision of Enzo Ferrari.

The central part of the show focused on the lifestyles and changing society of the last 70 years, a story inextricably linked with that of Ferrari, an international style icon since its earliest days. Taking turns on the stage also were the first Ferrari ever built, the 125 S, the 250 California of the 1950s, the 250 GTO of 1962, celebrated as much for its track victories as its beauty, the 512 BB, the legendary Testarossa, star of American TV series and videogames alike, the F50, the Enzo and, of course, the LaFerrari Aperta, the iconic Prancing Horse 70th Anniversary car.

Passion too had its place with a monologue delivered by Irish Game of Thrones star, Liam Cunningham, providing a segue into the section of the show devoted to racing, Formula 1 and otherwise, and the homage to the Scuderia’s champions through the years. Then Kimi Räikkönen and Sebastian Vettel stepped on the stage. Last but not least was a video tribute to the great Michael Schumacher, whose long battle continues.

The show concluded with a spectacular virtual pit-stop featuring driver Marc Gené in a Ferrari Formula 1 car, and a thrilling display by dancers, acrobats and percussionists who accompanied the clients to the Jamiroquai concert that closed the evening.

The day had begun in Modena with lunch at the Military Academy for Concours d’Elegance participants and the arrival of 500 Ferraris from all over Europe. The largest single-make auction ever held also took place before dinner with 35 Prancing Horse cars going under the hammer. These included the LaFerrari Aperta that sold for 8.3 million euro. Proceeds from that particular sale will go to Save the Children, an organization that provides education for the world’s most disadvantaged children.

Written by matthewnrouge

The five elements are in your life and inspiration. Tension, Comfort, Happiness, Wit, Elegance. Author and journalist. My economical and understated style had a strong influence on 21th-century news and blogging, while my life of adventure and my public image influence later generations!!!

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