Photographer | Justine Tjallinks

 Justine Tjallinks (born 1984) is an Amsterdam-based Dutch Photographer and Art-Director.

After graduating from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute cum laude, she moved on to work as the Art-Director for one of the leading fashion titles in the Netherlands. After a few years working with photography at the magazine, she realized that she wanted her own vision towards beauty to come to life through photography and decided to take the leap towards a new career.

Justine is now a self-taught photographer and takes pride in photographing remarkable individuals, often backed by a story of social importance. These people have a unique appearance, or sometimes even a physical abnormality. The key take-away is always to show how beautiful diversity can be. There’s a stillness and honesty in all of her portraits and viewing her works will give a sense of intimacy between you and the subject.

The master painters from the Dutch Golden Age inspire her works. The way they controlled light and used their skilled brush techniques are applied to modern photography. Justine’s signature style leans towards fine-arts photography, but blends in a fashion aesthetic.

Justine her works have been exhibited in international venues and she has been fortunate to have won several international awards in her short career as a photographer.

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