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Oliver Stalmans 1988 discovered his passion for photography at a very young age, where he started out as an autodidact photographer. Stalmans initially worked with still-life documentary, but has subsequently developed his work within portrait and fashion photography.
Stalmans has made a prompt entry in the fashion photography industry, by contributing with his uncompromised and sought for personal style. As a photographer Stalmans remains true to his individual style by articulating his artistic expression in all his photographic work.

With his photographs, he seeks to tell fascinating stories and pursue to create a universe that entrances the viewer, with the organic interplay between the theme and the model as key objects.

Stalmans’ work explores the ideas of beauty and the interaction between the light and the dark. The authenticity in his pictures and cinematic tone characterize his distinctive style.

Through photography Stalmans has found an outlet for his creativity, and a way to express his never-ending flow of thoughts and ideas

Awards/Titles :
“photographer of the year” at the 2013 ELLE Style in awards Denmark

“photographer of the year” at the 2014 ELLE Style in awards Denmark


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