Perfect shop restoration: the 911 2.5 S/T race car from 1972

Porsche Classic is showcasing the Stuttgart-based sports car manufacturer’s expertise in vehicle restoration with the 911 2.5 S/T from 1972. This sports car – which a collector and enthusiast discovered a few years ago in the USA in terrible condition –was carefully restored over a period of around two and a half years.

The body of the 911 2.5 S/T, in particular, posed a challenge to the Porsche Classic experts during restoration work. Not only had the 911 been converted to the later G-model, but accident damage which had not been properly repaired was also found. This made the work on the body with the demanding rebuilding and handcrafted reproduction of the wing extensions very complicated.

Ordered by the US race car driver and motor racing filmmaker (“The Speed Merchants”) Michael “Mike” Keyser in 1971, in the 1972 season the 911 2.5 S/T competed in numerous races in the USA and in the World Endurance Championship with Jürgen Barth at the wheel. First, in February 1972, it competed in the 6 Hours of Daytona, followed by the Twelve Hours of Sebring, the Targa Florio and the 1,000 kilometre race on the Nürburgring. In the 24 Hours of Le Mans, it not only raced to a class victory for GT vehicles with a displacement of up to 3 litres, it also finished in a formidable 13th place in the overall ranking. In the 1972/73 racing season it also participated in additional races in Watkins Glen and in Indianapolis.

40 years of transaxle sports cars

Right next to the Porsche Classic exhibit area, ten Porsche Classic partners will also be exhibiting at the show – each with a classic car from Zuffenhausen. Porsche is continuing to expand the international dealer and service network to around 100 Porsche Classic partners so that it can offer optimal servicing and reconditioning of classic vehicles. They offer Porsche customers and those interested in Porsche a comprehensive range of Porsche Classic services. Currently, there are 30 Porsche Classic partners and one Porsche Classic centre in operation worldwide.


Porsche Classic, which is a division of the sports car manufacturer from Zuffenhausen, generally offers support for all vehicles that were built more than ten years ago. All aspects are covered: from care and maintenance to technical literature, the supply and reproduction of genuine parts and full restoration. More than 52,000 genuine parts are currently available worldwide. In this way Porsche is integrating the maintenance and value preservation of modern classics and vintage cars in an innovative service concept that closely intermeshes Porsche tradition and innovation. Further information and the parts programme are available

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