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When honoring him as the winner of their “The Shot” competition in spring 2013, W magazine dubbed Boo George “fashion photography’s next big name.” Known for his distinctive style of quiet yet intense portraiture, George shoots punks and models, celebrities and marginal figures alike in the same exquisite black and white, with occasional ventures into color. He often sets his fashion shoots in remote or romantic locations—empty fields, sweeping seascapes, or derelict interiors. His work has taken him to all corners of the earth, from Zambia to photograph diamond miners to the Irish mountains to capture images of gypsies. Though he has moved more and more to straight fashion photography, George asserts, “I just like taking pictures. The object needs to work in the space. And as long as the person works in the space, that’s the main thing. Clothes come secondary in my pictures.” Early on George served as an assistant to Julian Broad and Phil Poynter, and he has shot assignments for Vogue, i-D, Louis Vuitton, and The New York Times, among countless other clients.

Written by matthewnrouge

The five elements are in your life and inspiration. Tension, Comfort, Happiness, Wit, Elegance. Author and journalist. My economical and understated style had a strong influence on 21th-century news and blogging, while my life of adventure and my public image influence later generations!!!

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