Red Bull Global Rallycross 2015 USA

FO-1HT874ED51W11 FO-1HT875YFD2111 FO-1HT884KW92111 FO-1HT8755TH1W11 FO-1HT8759U51W11 FO-1HTGVZW692111 FO-1HTGW4CK12111 FO-1HTGX8TGH2111 FO-1HTGX9FT51W11 FO-1HTGX81CD2111 FO-1HTGX86Y11W11 FO-1HTGXAVR91W11 FO-1HTH9KYN12111 FO-1HTH9N4HW1W11 FO-1HTH9N4J11W11 FO-1HTH9N4J51W11 FO-1HTH9NT2H1W11 FO-1HTH9NT291W11 FO-1HTHAVEB91W11 FO-1HTHAVGA11W11 FO-1HTHAW22W2111 FO-1HTHAW41W2111

 “Racing these two really talented tarmac drivers was really tough!” Block said after the race. “They really pushed me and our team all weekend, and it was a lot of fun. It came down to starts, and I got lucky – I got quick on the starts, was able to put some good times in, and came out with the win. It’s a great way to start the year!”

Block, who finished third in his first heat after an aggressive overtake attempt on Speed put him into the tire barriers, took second place in the second round and converted the front row starting spot into a victory in his semifinal. In the main event, Block used the Kobalt Tools Joker Lap immediately to grab the lead, then extended his gap over the field to take his fourth career Supercar victory.

In GRC Lites, Austin Cindric took a commanding victory in his first race for Olsbergs MSE, winning every on-track session he competed in. The American driver defeated Colombian Alejandro Fernandez and Swede Oliver Eriksson for the crown, heading home with the maximum 56 possible points.

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