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Acclaimed New York portrait and fashion photographer Nikola Tamindzic established his reputation as Gawker’s house photographer in 2004. Possessing an uncanny ability to disarm both subjects and viewers alike with his alluringly powerful portraits, he seeks to capture the beautiful contradictions of human experience.

“There is something strangely familiar in a photograph by Nikola Tamindzic: it’s a self-reflective portrait of unapologetic vanity simultaneously affected by the pure, unadulterated humanity it also portrays. Looking closer, the work itself is a deliberate paradox — darkness and humor, desire and restraint — portraying of a world beyond our gaze that is recognizable, yet entirely dictated by its own rules and realities. The story doesn’t begin or end within the photograph, but seems to go on without you.”
— JiaJia Fei, Guggenheim Museum

Nikola’s work has been written about in The New York Times, PHOTO, The British Journal of Photography, and other high profile publications. His clients include H&M, Nylon, New York, Gourmet, Out, Gawker, Village Voice, Time Out NY, Maxim, Stuff, New York Post, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, Sonntags Zeitung, Internazionale, and many others.

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