Ducati Scrambler and Pirelli by Vibrazioni Art Design

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The special edition that will be introduced on 22 May at the London “Bike Shed” is called the “SC-Rumble”
In line with the versions of the Scrambler, the bike is fitted with Pirelli MT 60™ RS tyres with the tread replicated on the tank along with the Ducati Scrambler logo
“SC-Rumble” will begin a trip from the British capital that will take it to Biarritz, where it will participate in the “Wheels and Waves” event

The technical collaboration between Ducati and Pirelli is an example of successful synergy between two Italian greats which has also involved the new brand from Borgo Panigale: Ducati Scrambler. In fact, all the versions of the Scrambler are fitted with Pirelli MT 60™ RS tyres, developed specifically for the iconic Italian bike.

Thanks to this strong bond, the two companies decided to collaborate on the artistic aspect as well, commissioning Vibrazioni® Art Design to create a work of art on the two-wheeler.
And so the “SC-Rumble” was born, a special edition manufactured as a single unit. Built on the base of a Ducati Scrambler, on the two sides of the tank it has a rubber sheet, laser inscribed with the tread design of the factory tyres and the Scrambler logo.

SC – Rumble By Vibrazioni Art Design ! A story told by Pirelli & Ducati Scrambler. from Scrambler Ducati on Vimeo.

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