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Why do you love travel?

Here is the answer.

Inspired by the social and artistic milieu of fin de siècle Europe and King Rama V-era Thailand, Hotel Muse combines cosmopolitan chic with playful elegance amid a new golden age of Asia.

Occidental, Oriental and all things opulent

Rising high above one of the city’s most desired residential districts, Hotel Muse brings to Bangkok a heretofore unknown hedonistic experience: a hotel dedicated to the golden age of travel and the most opulent of art and design. Hotel Muse likewise dedicates itself no less to the art of pure pleasure, for every conceptual element reflects a theme of fanciful indulgence.

The late 19th- and early 20th-century period was indeed a golden age for Thailand, a time of opening up and looking out, of engaging the wider world with an impassioned and resolutely independent turn of mind. So too was it in Europe, as the years saw the birth of luxury travel on glamorous trains and magnificent ships. In such a spirit, Hotel Muse blends the heritages of East and West, the styles of Siam and France, into a beguiling melange of timeless sophistication and unequivocal modernity.

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