Ferrari or Mercedes


There are two beautiful Formula One  constructors are ready to win the race in Barcelona. Lewis(World Championship leader) is the fasted in Practice 2.

Lewis Hamilton
It’s been a fairly decent day – mainly working on setup, tweaking the balance bit by bit. It’s often hard to get a good comparison between the sessions with the track and wind conditions changing. The wind was quite strong at times today and really inconsistent around the lap. The car is quite affected by that and it was pretty hot out there in the afternoon too, so I think maybe the temperatures also had an effect on lap times. The priority was understanding the tyres and how they wear because, ultimately, the race is the most important part of the weekend. We’ve not analysed the times yet but our pace felt pretty strong.

1139566_2332884_1024_683_F1BAR2015_JK1702427 1139567_2332880_1024_582_F1BAR2015_JK1702592

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