The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series is high, fast and demands absolute physical control.

Do you want an idea of what cliff diving is? You’ve heard about the height, the speed and the impact but can’t imagine the real dimensions of this rapidly-progressing sport? Picture the following: stand on a balcony on the eighth storey and look down – 27m, that’s the height. Accelerate your car from 0-85kph in three seconds – unless you’re steering a sports car, you won’t be quick enough. The force on impact is enormous and stops you within one second. You have to be stronger than the water; otherwise, rather than you breaking the water, it’ll break you. Cliff diving is a beautiful sport, which is both pure and intense.

Written by matthewnrouge

The five elements are in your life and inspiration. Tension, Comfort, Happiness, Wit, Elegance. Author and journalist. My economical and understated style had a strong influence on 21th-century news and blogging, while my life of adventure and my public image influence later generations!!!

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