The title, Haenyeo, refers to the female divers who harvest seafood by diving into the ocean without diving equipment or breathing apparatus. The haenyeo culture is Korea’s unique indigenous cultural heritage that has a history that goes back to the primitive age when people began to dive for food in the sea. The haenyeo have been noted in literature since 1105.The life of haeneyo begins when a girl turns 15 or 16 after receiving training in swimming and muljil (which refers to the actual work of underwater harvest), and their practice continues until the age of 60 or even older. Most haenyeo reside in Jeju Island, located in the southern end of Korean peninsula. haenyeo-women-of-the-seahaenyeo-women-of-the-sea-6 haenyeo-women-of-the-sea-4 haenyeo-women-of-the-sea-3 haenyeo-women-of-the-sea-1

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